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A reading is simple and often gives a person great relief and comfort! In fact, after the session most people find that they are astonished that someone else can understand so fully the the need for answers that their heart has been asking for.


We create our own destinies. When I work with you, it will be from this perspective. In session, it is our collective goal, to heighten your awareness and to create the conditions to give you the tools that attract the situations that you need to live a life full of confidence and peace of mind.

Because of this, I strongly encourage you never to view any reading as a "definitive" outcome for any relationship, situation, or goal. No reading is ever carved in stone as that would negate the blessing of our free will.


You always have the ability to alter your present and your future!

Once you accept this, you will be more in control of your life. So it is important to remember to use your best judgment when making final decisions regarding yourself, your relationships, and your life in general. Working together with me will enable you to be more in tune with your own feelings and intuition.



Never solely rely on a spiritual, psychic, or emphatic counselor. It is better to see them as a guide. A good consultant will not take possibilities away from you, but instead their job is to provide and highlight information so you can make better decisions.


My Declaration of Principles

I believe that God is the one in charge, and that only through his will, am I able to connect with both spiritual and physical beings.

I believe in Infinite Intelligence. 

I believe that the phenomena of Nature, both physical and spiritual, are the expression of Infinite Intelligence and willed by God. 

I affirm that a correct understanding of such expression and living in accordance therewith constitute true spirituality. 

I affirm that the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after the change called death. 

I affirm that communication with the so-called dead is a fact, scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism and Profitism. 

I believe in the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." 

I affirm the moral responsibility of individuals, and that we make our own happiness or unhappiness as we obey or disobey God’s physical and spiritual laws. 

I affirm that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any soul here or hereafter. 

I affirm that the precepts of Prophecy and Healing are Divine attributes and are given by God.

Choosing A Guide

When choosing a guide or counselor, it is important that you decide for yourself who you think would be most beneficial for you! Find someone that you feel comfortable with, who you feel is responsible, instead of someone that will tell you what to do. Working together is the key!

As a professional, I will advise you on possibilities, perspectives and solutions, but at the end of the day it is your decision. You will discover you have always had these options and that you will learn that you can recognize and begin to use them.

I look forward to working with you in order to assist you in making the best decisions possible for your life!

©2013 All Rights Reserved

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