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Home Blessings & Clearings

House blessings are spiritual rituals intended to clear negative energies from a space, bringing harmony and protect it's inhabitants from misfortune.

If you are noticing negative energies or feelings in your home: perhaps unexplained tiredness, arguing, a restless, listlessness or “run down” feeling – it is probably time to do a house blessing. Often times, dark or negative energies or spirits gather and can heavily affect the people living within. Usually, I often hear of animals acting strangely, or runs of bad luck that seem to never end.
House Blessings are highly recommended for moving into a new home, after a divorce, a death, a break up or any life or situation changing moments. Sometimes you just need to get a new start on a clean slate, by removing old or negative energy out of the home – kind of like a “Spring Cleaning”...
When you’re moving into a new home or apartment, you will want to bring in as much harmony as possible. It is smart to perform some type of home blessing or clearing on your new home or business. Locations can hold the energy of previous owners or events that have happened there, and it is unlikely that it is all positive and loving.
*What I Clear for You

Clearing can be done on a home, property, or workplace. (even rental properties)
Negative energies in a building are not necessarily dramatic episodes: they can be quite subtle, but do affect people and the physical world. They have this in common: they rob our energy, our clarity of mind, and our peace of heart.


My cleansings are unusually thorough and complete. I work to completion within the three distinct areas addressed

in house clearing work: 

*Negative energies or spirit presences 
*Strong emotional imprints in a place
*Stress from earth energy lines altering the harmony of a building or property

 It covers, among other things:

Removal of discordant spirits and dark energies, Cleansing of negative emotional imprints, Clearing earth energy lines, and Blessings. This clearing is thorough. You will notice many improvements. 


Don’t take chances. While moving time is often stressful and busy, try to set aside some time before you move in, to have your home blessed. Then, you can move into your new home, and it will be cleared of any old energy, and be ready for all your good vibes.


More Reasons to Consider House Clearings:
*Harmonize home when you move in, or any new person does.
*Better sex life due to clearer energy all over and in the bedroom.
*Manifest what you want in your life more easily.
*To clear out old or recurring problems in your life, and open up new possibilities
*Make loving space for a new baby.
*Establish a new atmosphere to support ending or beginning new life phases.

*Transitions in life -- after a divorce or break up, surgery, after any traumatic event, or after a death.
*Make your home your own. 


*Realtors & Home Sellers

Home sales are full of unknowns and mysteries. If you notice that everything is perfect, other homes or properties are selling and are the same value, but yours is not, this may be why. It could be the slightest thing. I change the way a house or building feels and how people respond to it. I remove energy factors that can keep that property from selling.


*Why not remove those obstacles, just as you remove extra furniture and clean house before going on the market. House clearings improve people’s reactions dramatically? 


*After a Cleansing:
You will receive instructions on how to do your own follow up and suggestions to help you maintain the home or work atmosphere, or where ever you desire. 



*You will immediately notice a change in the space, or in how you feel. If you are more visual person, you may notice the rooms looking brighter, clearer, bigger. If you are more of a "feeling" kind of person, you may notice the room feeling more peaceful, lighter, airier, and find yourself feeling more relaxed.  

















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