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Life Coaching: One-on-One confidential coaching 

I have impacted the lives of hundreds of individuals / couples and believe that people are naturally creative and resourceful when given the opportunity. Coupled with your God given talents and by working with your strengths, you are capable of discovering new opportunities and overcoming any hurdles you may face. My role is to walk with you through the process. I am different than most life coaches, in the fact that I use your loved ones (spirit) to help guide you. I will ask powerful questions, listen, and empower you to draw out the skills and creativity you already possess. This is part of my self-discovery process. 


I will personalize my approach and individualize the support you need. My goal is to help you live your true and authentic life. Together we assess your degree of life balance and work to create a Life Plan for your vision of where you want to be in life, and then develop specific actions to get you there.


 If you are frustrated, not sure how to stop making the same choices or just want to have more clarity, confidence, passion and peace of mind in which direction to take -- I can help. 

What's the difference between Counseling, Consulting and Coaching:
My mission is to encourage, equip, and enrich my clients and the people I come in contact with. It is important to me to help you find the guidance that will best serve you. Below are some important distinctions between a Counselor, Consultant, and a Life Coach. 

Counseling** involves a clinical look at a number of behavioral and mental health issues, which seeks to understand and bring resolution to past and present conditions. 

Consulting consists of performing specific tasks or work for a client within a defined subject area. They provide consulting services to a number of organizations, businesses, attorneys, churches, and universities. 

Coaching is a collaborative partnership between client and practitioner. A partnership invested in helping clients identify and experience authenticity in their lives. I help each of my clients design, create, and optimize their unique pursuits. Coaching deals with individuals who desire to move towards a higher performance, gain more clarity and reach a defined purpose in life. The focus is on the future and the potential of the client whether it's concerning relationships, employment, education, or resolution to past and present conditions. 

**Special Note: If you are reading this and you are in the midst of facing personal matters that merit the care of a qualified counselor or mental health professional; I encourage you to seek counseling as the important next step. 

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