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Search & Rescue

My father disappeared in a boating accident in 1994. Ever since then, it has been a driving force to help others who have lost loved ones and need answers. I know the pain of not ever being able to recover my father's body or his boat.
In the past, I have just stumbled onto search and rescue groups. Spirit just put them in my path. I have given up vacations to help searches happening in the location. I have never charged the victim's family a cent to help them. I also have searched with great success for lost pets, which I no longer do.

Now, I have teamed up with a wonderful group called Find Me Group, a non-profit 501-3C organization. They have several services such as active and retired law enforcement, search, track and rescue teams, intuitive searchers, and ancillary services. 

If you are searching for a missing loved one contact:
(They will not except money from the victim's family.)

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